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Primary 1

Primary 1

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Primary 1. Here is some information about what your child will be learning in term 1.                   

We will be focusing on recognising, counting and writing the numbers 1-10 this term. We will also be investigating 2D shapes. We will be learning the days of the week and months of the year. Finally, we will be learning about time.

Learning to Read is our big focus, and to prepare for this we need to help the children to be aware of sounds and rhymes. We will be revising and learning new nursery rhymes and focusing on recognising words which rhyme. We will also be learning how to clap syllables. We will be introducing a variety of tongue twisters for your child to practise at home. We will continually be reading stories during storytime in class and I would like to emphasise the importance of sharing a story with your child each night. Once ready, your child will also be learning how to recognise, say and write sounds using a scheme called Read, Write, Inc which has been really successful in our school over recent years Don’t panic if your child doesn’t have a reading book yet – he or she is still lear5ning to read. Don’t forget to share as many books with your child as you can at home. If you have any concerns about literacy (or about how to support your child in any way), please get in touch – our School Family Development Worker, Leigh McLeod, may be able to help. Mrs Dashwood and Miss Smith are planning to hold workshops for parents soon, as well.

Home Learning
Your child will bring home a diary bag which will contain home learning activities. This must be brought in every day. A home learning grid will be provided which will contain the information you will need to help your child complete the activities. This will be changed 4 weekly.  Home Learning tasks need to be completed neatly with a lead writing pencil. Please also sign in the boxes on the grid which have been completed by your child.

Please write your child's name on all their clothing as there has already  been an issue with jumpers and coats disappearing.

Painting Shirts
If you have any old large shirts which the class can use when they are painting during art, can you please send them into school. You do not need to buy your child a new painting apron, just any old shirts that members of your family may have.

Your child can drink plain water in class (we actively encourage this, as good hydrations helps learning) so they can bring in water bottles daily to use. Please do not send in flavoured water unless it is for their snack.

We’re trying to encourage healthy eating habits and so please only send your child to school with a maximum of 1 drink and 1 item to eat at playtime. This will enable your child to also have time to play with their friends. Please make sure that your child’s snack is as healthy as possible. Every Friday is Fruity Friday; please provide your child with only fruit for their snack that day, house points are awarded for this. We also have a healthy tuckshop in school so your child may bring in money for this on a daily basis.

School Uniform
Can you please make sure that your child comes to school in full school uniform each day including shoe s rather than trainers. Thank you!

If you do have any queries which you note down in their diary, can you please make sure your child is informed about this and they bring it to my attention on arrival to class because I am unlikely to have time to check all of the diaries every day. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact the office to make an appointment for me to see you. I need to get the children in and out safely at the start and end of the day so it’s difficult to spend much time speaking then.

Thank you,

Miss Smith

P1 Class Letter September 2016

PDF document icon P1 Term 1.pdf — PDF document, 119 KB (122688 bytes)

September Class Letter

PDF document icon P1 Term 1.pdf — PDF document, 119 KB (122688 bytes)

Primary 1
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