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Primary 3

Dear Parent/Carer,

Primary 3 have settled well into the new school year, I have taken great pleasure in getting to know the children to date and am looking forward to working with them this year. The class are a vibrant and energetic group who are enthusiastic about the various learning opportunities on offer.


Our topic this term will be ‘Fairyland’ in which the children will have the opportunity to read a variety of fairy tales. This will be central to the activities the children will undertake in class, including creating a class collage, letter writing, discussions, debates, role play and creating their own puppets for our class puppet show.


The children have been developing their reading and writing skills through our book study activities. They have thoroughly enjoyed the story of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and have developed a good understanding of the various features of the story. The children will continue to develop these skills in their Learning to Read and Language and Literacy groups as well as in class activities. We will also be focusing on handwriting, spelling, nouns, adjectives and verbs.   


In Numeracy, the children will be focusing on addition and subtraction with a particular focus on developing their mental maths skills. We will also be working on counting on and back in twos, fives and tens, the children have a numeracy map in their diary bags so please encourage your child to use this at home to practice this.


Home Learning tasks will be sent home every 4 weeks in the form of a Home Learning  grid. This will provide the children with a variety of learning opportunities to undertake at home. Each week the children will be given a different reading book which they should aim to read every night. Please ensure your child brings their Home Learning bag to school with them every day as they will also have opportunities in class to read their book. Every child has been provided with a pupil diary, this can be used for any questions or messages you would like to pass on.


In Health and Wellbeing lessons we will be focusing on safety, including personal, home and road safety. The children will continue to develop their running, jumping and throwing skills whilst also focusing on positive team work. Gym days are a Tuesday and Thursday - please ensure your child has their full gym kit.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.




Miss Denney