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Primary 6

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Primary 6! Here is some information about what your child will be learning in term 1.

We will be focusing on counting, reading, writing, ordering, comparing and partitioning numbers beyond 1000. The children will become more confident at discussing the digits in a number, their position and their value (place value).  We will be using the 100 square grid to consolidate multiplication and division facts and the links between these. Your child has made a multiplication facts envelope and should practise that particular times table until they know them fluently. They will add more facts to their envelope as they make progress. The children will work on addition and subtraction number bonds mentally using different strategies to do so with speed and accuracy and use multiples of 10 and 100 to create new facts. We will also talk about different ways money is represented and accessed, how people plan their lives using times and dates and how measurement is used in everyday life.

Your child is part of a reading rings group and they will take an active part in various guided reading tasks with their group every week. Each child needs to read their reading rings book at home as they have set pages/chapters to read before they meet up with their reading rings group. Your child is also encouraged to read other books, magazines etc at home. The reading rings book MUST be brought into school every day as there will be opportunities to read it in class. Reading, writing, grammar and a lot of discussion will also be taught through literacy and language activities and spelling will be taught through Read, Write Inc spelling sessions on a daily basis.

We will revise basic routines, greetings and describing ourselves in French- name, age, where we live, what we look like, likes and dislikes.

Interdisciplinary Learning Topic
This term, our topic is 'Harry Potter' with a focus on the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling.



The class will soon begin activities to help them work towards attaining the Pope Francis Faith Award. They will learn more about the 7 gifts from the Holy Spirit and use the gifts to help them grow as followers of Jesus. They will complete a journal in class and also build up evidence in their own evidence book. Some things your child does at home and out with school will also help them work towards achieving their Pope Francis Faith Award.

Home Learning
Your child will bring home their home learning diary every night and this must be brought in every day for class use. A home learning grid will be provided which will contain the information you will need to help your child complete their homework. This will be changed fortnightly. Each task should be completed neatly and please ‘sign off’ each one beside the task on the grid.

Extra information
Please send in a painting shirt for your child to use during class art activities with their name on it.

The children are encouraged drink water in class so they can bring in water bottles daily.

We are a healthy eating school so please provide your child with a healthy snack. We also have a healthy tuckshop in school so your child may bring in money for this on a daily basis.

Just a reminder that if you do have any queries which you note down in their diary, can you please make sure your child is informed about this and they bring it to my attention on arrival to class.


Finally, if you need to speak with me about anything, please contact the school to make an appointment.

Thank you,

Mrs Fitzpatrick

Primary 6
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St Clement's P6, Charleston, Dundee.
We are the P6 class at St Clement's Primary School.
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