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St Clement's Staff

Head Teacher: Mrs Annamarie Flynn

Depute Head Teacher- Mrs Leigh Donnelly


We have 8 classes within the school at present, as follows:

P1: Mrs Sidowra

P1/2: Miss Steele

P2: Mrs Fitzpatrick & Mr Timmons

P3: Mrs McNally

P4: Miss Forbes & Mrs Ross

P5: Miss Smith

P6: Mrs Don & Mrs Hampton

P7: Mr Malone


We also have the following staff in our school:


Supporting Learners Co-ordinator - Mrs Dammer

NCT Teachers: Mr Timmons, Mrs Hampton


Mrs Clark: Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs Rice: Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs Mackie: Learning and Care Assistant

Miss Graham: Learning and Care Assistant

Mr Skelly & Mr Ramsay : Facilities Assistants

Mrs Daly:  Admin Officer

Mrs Kandulawa - Health & Wellbeing Assistant

Leigh McLeod: School and Family Development Worker