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About Us

Children are the most important people in our school. All who work in St Clement's R.C. Primary School take a keen interest in every pupil's wellbeing and care. We want each child to be happy and safe and to encounter many rich learning experiences.
Our culture, values and traditions are Catholic Christan, a heritage of which we are very proud. We welcome and work with children from families of all faiths and none in an atmosphere of equality and oppportunity for all. This is a vibrant, supportive and constantly evolving community.


At St Clement's we work to an agreed set of values. These are Catholic Christian and based on the Gospel teachings of Jesus. They include respect for others and property; pride in work, school and appearance; punctuality, regular attendance and responsible behaviour; awareness of personal worth and potential; caring, thoughtfulness and a willingness to help others; loyalty to the school and a willingness to participate in all aspects of school and community life; equality based on an understanding of and respect for rules; and an ability to share.

Our learning community aims to:

  • provide a stable, nurturing and supportive atmosphere, based upon Gospel values, which promotes a positive attitude to learning and strong home-school-community-parish links
  • provide a broad range of appropriate experiences, inclduing a well-balanced, stimulating curriculum, which meets the educational, spiritual , social and emotional needs of every pupil
  • develop skills for learning, life and work in all pupils and staff
  • prepares pupils socially and emotionally for later life by developing their self-esteem and confidence and encouraging them to take responsibility for their choices
  • work effectively with all our partners and stakeholders to support young people to attain and achieve to their full potential and to be responsible citizens who contribute effectively to society


Everyone in St Clement's, staff, pupil or visitor, is expected to respect the rights of all others to be safe, to learn and to be respected.




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